We are grounded both in proficiency and integrity, through deep experience and full transparency.

Nothing will deter us from being fair and respectful in everything we do.

Solid Ground

Solid Ground on Solid Values

Solid Ground on Solid Values

Background Values


Our experience comes from doing, seeing and feeling things. We have solid fundamentals, demonstrated resilience​ and deep pockets of value that we are willing to bring to the table to achieve outstanding results and maximize value to our investors.


Out of the box thinking is in our DNA and our success lies in combining an effective innovation process, always supported by rigorous and systematic approaches to the business challenges, making us trustful and insightful professionals.


We believe the more we know, the further we go, that is why our work relies upon deep knowledge gained with relevant past experiences and with recognized academic education to explain and manage complex situations in simple ways.

Foreground Values


We aim at having an impact on the world, and we will always rebuild and set up real estate operations to respect people and the planet. Optimal results are only achievable when we respect all the stakeholders.


Our commitment to our people, partners, clients and to the environment will always consider long-term relations – earnings will naturally flow out of this commitment.


Our success depends on long term financial results and to ensure them we will work with our people, partners and clients, based on loyalty, cooperation and truth.

Ground Values


We believe trust flourishes from professionalism, confidence, transparency, devotion and deep concern for people and the environment.


We will always respect each person, with their own differences and characteristics, ensuring a perfect symbiosis with the environment and a fair share of the earnings with the communities we operate in.


We will always respect our moral compass and core values, that is why we will always rebuild with a purpose and with respect for people.

First and foremost, I believe that everything I do in life must have a purpose, add value and be done with passionate energy. This is why I created Solid Ground Investments.

With this project I aim at leaving a trail in the world, by providing investment advisory, always maximizing value to the stakeholders and ensuring social and environmental sustainability.

When we know why we started in the first place, how the work is done and what is required to do it correctly, extraordinary results will always follow.

That is why I am sure Solid Ground Investments will always deliver a very strong return to its investors and to the World!

Solid Ground
Mónica Almeida Solid Ground Founder