Great people build strong foundations.

We are built upon a hand-picked network of highly skilled professionals to ensure coverage of every field of expertise that is decisive to our end goals and achievements.

Solid Ground

Our partners

Solid Ground

Bruno Veríssimo

Tax Adviser

Purpose in Life
My purpose in life is to use all the resources I have been blessed with for the benefit of others around me, helping them realize their potential, at the same time I enjoy life and nature and share this joy with my family and friends.

Skills at Work
With over 20 years of experience in tax advisory, my focus has always been on finding opportunities and leveraging them to the advantage of the clients I serve, by reducing the overall bottom-line tax expense and helping them focus on what matters the most – Their Business.

Solid Ground

Nuno Filipe

Legal Adviser

Purpose in Life
Driven by my personal and professional capacities and by a permanent willingness to give my best, I’m focused on the goals I want to strive, in order to achieve excellence and exceed expectations of my clients and peers.

Skills at Work
22 years practicing law, most of them dedicated to real estate and city planning, leading acquisition, management and transformation of real estate assets. I constantly seek the best and most efficient solutions for my clients, to help them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Solid Ground

Rita Veríssimo


Purpose in Life
An artist, endlessly passionate about life and nature, I’m an eternal dreamer always driven by creativity. For me, architecture is means of serving society, which allows the transformation of emotions into physical spaces.

Skills at Work
With 18 years of experience projecting private spaces, I’ve collaborated with many of Lisbon’s most recognised studios.  In this time, I’ve maintained relationships and responsibilities throughout the architecture value chain, from a project’s conception to completion.

Fields of Expertise

& engineering

  • Assess the quality of the initial construction & building structure;
  • Assess real possibilities for rebuilding the properties and ensuring rigorous calculating of the costs;
  • Ensure a careful evaluation of the rebuilding projects, considering principles of sustainability, always with granted profitability.

Appraisal services

  • Evaluate the real value of the properties, using rigorous and independent methods;
  • Help with searching for good investment solutions;
  • Compare different investment solutions and help investors with making their choices, considering their goals.

& relocation

  • Ensure the best operational management models for properties under our management;
  • Offer services to expatriates;
  • Ensure rigorous property maintenance plans.


  • Guarantee a deep analysis of the preexisting rental contracts;
  • Ensure proper legal procedures required for the operation set up, rebuilding and ongoing management;
  • Guarantee all the legal requirements for the transactions and their management.


  • Always ensure the operation setup is tax optimized, considering the tax rules applicable to each investor;
  • Propose investment set up models that respect all tax requirements and maximize investors’ capital gains;
  • Advise investors on a personal level.

& payroll

  • Analyze the accounting requirements applied to each operation;
  • Help with the best performance management model to optimize the investment and financial reports;
  • Support with the accounting requirements applicable to investors.