Rethinking Real Estate
Investments from
the Ground Up

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.
It is our cornerstone belief, deeply shared with our partners and stakeholders, and strongly embedded in the array of services we provide.

Solid Ground

Investment Setup

We believe the output of every investment relies intensely on its setup strategy and planning, as it enables us to foresee its rollout and outcome. A selective asset procurement combined with rigorous business and operations planning will ensure your investment will land on Solid Ground.

Procurement, Evaluation
& Acquisition

No matter the industry, our biggest asset has always been the capacity to search for the best investment opportunities. That is why, relying upon our proven experience, we can ensure that we will always find winning real estate projects for our investors and we are willing to take part in the journey, as co-investors.

Business Plan Creation and Legal Set-Up

After more than twenty years of experience in analyzing, creating and managing new businesses, we are confident that you can rely on us to create your project business plan, ensure the definition of the shareholder agreement and the rest of all the legal requirements, in order to make it happen in a winning way.

Business Strategy Consulting

Our business would not exist without an accurate definition of the business strategies for our clients. We also know, for a fact, that our clients’ successes always rely upon the competencies and honest relationships created along the way with our team. You can trust us to create your business strategy.

Asset Management

Make the most of your property assets and let us manage their yield to its full potential, through rigorous business controlling, rental optimization, and project & construction supervision.

Business Controlling
and Reporting

We have strong experience in turnaround processes, being recognized through our capacity to define and put in place the appropriate operational planning and financial control systems, always based on effective reporting, ensuring that the highest standards of performance are achieved.

and Rental Optimization

When we talk about real estate investments we can not underestimate the importance of managing existing tenants to achieve the maximum results. That is why we have experienced partners (15+ years) and specialized legal teams working alongside us in this specific area of business.

Project and Construction Supervision

When we look at a building, we establish commitments, seek solutions, promote ideas, always with the aim of providing the best solutions for the assets’ maximum valorization. That is why our engineer and architect partners will always carry out the project and the construction supervision, ensuring sustainable, lasting and profitable solutions.


We provide a wide range of specialized services for every real estate investment opportunity that may present itself. By holding a brokerage license, we can advise and assist you in every step of the process of buying, exchanging, or selling your real estate assets.

Licensed Brokerage Services

For investors who are looking for the most interesting deals in real estate assets, our teams will always guarantee the perfect searches, advisory and implementation of state-of-the-art strategies to maximize value.

Real Estate Analysis and Advisory

We will advise those who already live or want to come to Portugal as a destination country for investment; our purpose is to be the main pillar in supporting our clients’ real estate investment challenges, to guarantee outstanding profitability.

and Insurance advisory

When we set up a real estate investment, we make sure that we have the best advisors to help with the financial and legal requirements. We have 10+ years of experience in managing bank relations, capital raising and legal requirements for real estate investments.